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Delivering Peace Of Mind

Our ambition is to be recognised as the best 2 Person Home Delivery Service in the UK and Ireland.


As a growing organisation we continue to benefit from our key strengths and have been able to maintain our flexibility and customer centric approach. Using both our well-established network of locations and our managerial experience both within retail and logistics, we have the knowledge and necessary resources to provide cost effective solutions having understood the end to end process.


By investing our time working closely together with our customers, we are able to provide a final mile service that accurately reflects the brand we are representing as we are often the first and last representative your customer will see.


Company History

Founded in the mid 90's Breezemount has experienced rapid growth and now delivers over 1 million 2 person home deliveries per annum

Management Team

Understanding todays customer whilst maintaining a simple client solution 


23 operational sites and counting throughout the UK and Ireland


With excess of 250 vehicles operating on the road every day the multi fleet is dynamic and capable

Wed IKEA Van off side front.jpg


As a core value of our business we are committed to continuing to improve our impact on the enviroment around us

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